The nutrient amounts in our products are measured and labelled based on weight. Therefore, the suggested directions in terms of teaspoon measurements (or scoop sizes) may vary from batch to batch depending on changes in weight or volume of the ingredients.

Each of our products is made from only organic, whole foods. Factors like weight, volume, colour, texture and nutrient content will often change slightly from batch to batch, just as they do in nature. For example, plants will display different traits in response to changes in climate, elevation, soil composition and other growing conditions.

We are also constantly adjusting our formulations in order to create the most nutritious products possible. As a result, the recommended serving sizes may change as well.

For these reasons, we choose to have each batch third party tested to verify nutrient levels, and these amounts will be reflected on each nutrition facts table based on weight. If you are looking for very specific nutrient amounts, measuring in grams will always produce the most precise results.